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According to a recent National Association of Realtors® (NAR) survey, nearly eight out of ten respondents believe buying a home is a good financial decision, despite ongoing challenges with the economy and housing market. This notion coupled with the public’s persistent journey to achieve the American dream of homeownership provides those in real estate a career that can be both lucrative and emotionally fulfilling.

Training step-by-step comes first and training in the real world comes second. If you are persistent and do the work, then you are on your way to the Promised Land of great success!

Is a Career in Real Estate Right for you?
Do you enjoy helping others achieve their goals? Would you rather set your own work hours? Do you prefer a short career transition? If these factors are important to you, look no further than a career in real estate. With the freedom to operate like an entrepreneur, a career in real estate can be a great fit for people from various professional backgrounds and with busy schedules.

The uniqueness of today’s market offers a great time to begin a career in real estate. Here are some reasons why becoming a real estate agent might be right for you?

  • Projected recovery – Many economists have predicted 2016 as a very good year for real estate. Now is a prudent time to establish yourself in the industry in anticipation of a sustained housing recovery.
  • Uncapped earnings – Those with an entrepreneurial spirit like the fact that the only limits to success are the amount of effort they put into the job and their ability to get results. Your compensation is a direct result of your hard work and success.
  • Get started quickly – Unlike other careers that may require a significant investment of time to get started, in a few weeks, you can hit the ground running.
  • Flexible lifestyle – Most agents are granted the independence to establish their own schedule and work hours. This is instrumental in developing a strong work-life balance and becomes useful to those who have another career or are single parents.

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